Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Bat

By day the bat is cousin to the mouse.
He likes the attic of an aging house.

His fingers make a hat about his head.
His pulse beat is so slow we think him dead.

He loops in crazy figures half the night.
Among the trees that face the corner light.

But when he brushes up against a screen.
We are afraid of what are eyes have seen.

For something is amiss or out of place.
When mice with wings can wear a human face.

 - Theodore Roethke

Pick an animal and write your own version of this poem.  Remember to research your animal and add some poetic imagery to your poem i.e., "His fingers make a hat about his head."

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tenley's Poems

Words That Make My Tongue Twist

Purple paper people.
Bitter butter, better butter.
Babbling baby Bobby.
Unique New York.
Red leather, yellow leather.
Stupid superstition.
Rolling red wagons.
Green glass globes.
Seven slimy snakes slithered.
Peppy puppy.
Fresh fried fish.
Nine nice nurses.
Sally sells seashells.
Sailor sails seas.
Toy boat, tow boat.
Fox in socks.
Freezy breeze blew.
Three tree trunks.

Nature is beautiful

Nature is beautiful:
The glimmering sun,
The brightness of day,
Flowers that bloom
In every way.
The grass that waves
In the bracing breeze,
The crisp morning dew
That glides off the trees.

And the universe is beautiful:
The Milky Way Galaxy,
The untouchable moon,
That circles the Earth,
Changing midnight to noon.
If you look into the sky at night
You may see some shooting stars,
And if you look into a telescope,

If you're lucky you'll see Mars.