Friday, 24 May 2013

Color My World Poem!!! By: Amanda :)


The Sky
The Sea
Bluejays flying across the sky
Waves Crashing Against An Ocean Shore
Bluejays Chirping
The Sound Of Freedom
Juicy Blueberries
Chocolaty blue M&M's
Fresh Blueberry Pie
Warm blue blankets
Cool Ocean Water
Soft bluebell petals
Blue can set you free

Friday, 17 May 2013

Green - Aidan

The leaves on trees, and the stems of plants.
Blades of grass, slowly growing, and swaying.
The Green Goblin, throwing his dangerous bombs at Spider-Man.
The rustling of leaves in a hard wind.
The slurp of a green slushie.
The wind blowing through small blades of grass.
The taste of a kiwi and lime flavoured slushie, bursting with flavour, invading your mouth.
The bittersweet tastes of a Green Apple.
Green Grapes, ready to be made into wine.
The wet feeling of green moss,
A sharp feelign Pine-Needle, stuck in your arm.
Grass, rubbing on your feet, wet with morning dew.
Green can show you the beauty of nature.

Katherine's Earth Day Poem

Help! Help!
The Earth needs our help!
Calling all people everywhere,
We are the superheroes of our world;
We need to do our part
And give back to our Earth.
People of the Earth,
Get up and help, help to make the Earth green!

If we just sit around and wait,
What good would that do?
Get up and help, help renew the Earth!

We can do a lot if we set our minds to it!
The Earth could be reborn,
Beautiful and peaceful like ripples in a pool.

Let’s all get up and do what we can!
Let’s all get up and help the Earth!

Hewitt- color

A new cut
A fresh apple
A crackling fire sounds red
A scream would sound red
The whack of a mallet on steel would sound red
A bunch of grapes taste red
An apple tastes red
Iron tastes red
A sneaky crustation feels red
A mosquito bite feels red
A hot element feels red
Red can give, and take life

Kyle's Awesome Earth Day Poem

Earth Day

Earth Day is when the plants come and rise.
Earth Day helps those plants come to size.
Earth Day makes the coming of spring.
Earth Day helps the flower companies go,"Cha-Ching."

Earth Day makes this whole World rise.
Earth Day makes the World Decide.
"We will help the World today."
Everyone yells, "Hip-hip, Hooray!"

Green By: Mackenzie

Green is the stems and leaves of the flowers,
the trees in a meadow,
and the flat moss under a tree.
The sound rustling of the wind in the leaves,
or the crunching of apples
or whooshing of grass.
The tast of the kiwi in my mom's fruit salad,
a crunchy celery on the side of my plate,
a green-grape bunch hanging on a vine.
The soft feeling grass beneath your feet on a hot summer's day,
the feel of a crawling caterpiller inching up your arm,
or a pine needle stuck in your shoe.

Green can take you to the nature around you.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kyle's Colour my World Poems

Revolutionize the World

Blue roses on a nice summer day
The sky, vivid and blasting with colour
A bluejay soaring high in the sky through the wind.
Blueberries bursting with flavour when you take a bite
The glowing colour of peoples eyes
Water flowing through the fresh rivers with fish flopping in the rivers
A blueberry slushie packed with lots of flavor
A blueberry that when you bite down on it, it BOOMS with taste in your mouth
Water that has been purified and in my house for drinking
Soft as a pillow
Smooth and gracious
A dragons slimy scales
Blue can revolutionize the World

Olivia's Colour My World Poem

A Walrus
Storm Clouds
Thunder pounding
Rain pattering
Owls hooting
A cooked fish
A hot cup of tea
Gray can make you sad

Colour My World Poem- Lindsay

Clean sheets
fluffy clouds
Waves crashing against rocks
the soft sound of rain falling
birds chirping outside
sweet fruits
little candies
vanilla ice cream
a light wind
soft bedsheets
White can make you happy any day

Katherine's Color My World Poem

fluffy clouds
blank paper
new walls
gently falling snow
the hum of a radiator
a steaming kettle
light cotton candy
vanilla ice cream
cold, refreshing milk
soft cotton
a mellow polar bear's coat
a fuzzy blanket
White can sweep you away.

Kove`s Colour Poem

a fresh sheet of paper,
a shell that has just been washed up by the beach,
your ancient ivory necklace,
waves crashing against rocks,
birds singing at dawn,
a white tiger calling for the rest of his pack,
the mild taste of a dragonfruit,
the soft fluffy-ness of a marshmallow,
a lychee smoothie,
fresh sheets that just came out of the laundry,
a brand new clean house,
a soft blanket that you love to cuddle in,
White can take you on a ride beyond your wildest dreams.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

This is a fun tool that pulls images from Flickr (photography site) to visualize your poems. Simply type in a phrase or short poem and press start.

Colour My World Poem - due Wed., May 15th
Open the above link and create your own Colour poem.

a bruise on your leg,
bunches of grapes in a bowl,
a sweater that goes great with black,
the sound of power,
fruit juice poured into a glass
a school bell ringing, ringing
Grandma's rhubarb pie.
cold medicine served up on a tablespoon
squishy cough drops,
velvet covered cushions
pointy tip pentel markers,
the sky before lightning starts
Purple can take you for a sweet ride.

Friday, 10 May 2013

CUCUMBERS (not as good as potatoes)

 Earth Day Poem 2013/5/10
The earth is like a sandwich. And the pickles are people. We could make the sandwich taste good and delicious, but we weren’t shaken of our brine before entering the sandwich. Since we weren’t shaken we have made the other toppings and condiments tasteless, and have made the bread soggy. But we could change our sandwich, and make it better, all we have to do is be cucumbers, which are nice and clean and dry, and are healthier when eaten.                       HEWITT

Interpretation: We are wrecking our earth, but if we change into better people we can make a difference and save our sickened earth.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Lindsay's Poem: Kittens

Small smiles,
Fluffy feet,
Quiet meows through the house,
Paws mittens padding all around,
MEW, MEW what to do,
walking all around,
Kittens are your best friend who never leave you,
Always happy like rays of sun,
Kittens are like fluffy friends,
Kittens are purrrrrrr-fect.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Mackenzie's all about me poem

Mackenzie Optimistic, hard working,
Sibling of Anderson, best brother in the world
Lover of cows, woods, outdoors, my family, adventures, space
Who fears angry geese
Who needs friends, challenges
Who gives it her all
Who would like to see everything, everywhere
Resident of Burlington, Ontario, Canada as well as Kraft Court, Yorktown, Virginia, USA