Thursday, 18 September 2014

**Can I answer questions about the content and devices used in a poem?

The Day the Dragons Won the Lottery

The day the dragonry won the lottery               
they got staggery, swiggery, blotto-ry,
ziggery-zaggery, teetery, tottery,
proudly swaggery,
draggery flaggery,
loudly braggery. Rich or what-ery?
When the dragonry won the lottery.

Oops! A snaggery...Oh no nottery!
Just a tenner is all they gottery.
What a calamity! Sniffery snottery.
This is most certainly not what it ought to be.
Cursery, slaggery, weepery, watery.
Utterly agony. Heckery! Rottery!
When the dragonry won the lottery.

Answer the following questions – Work with a partner and answer the following questions in your Writer's Notebook
1.     What do you think a ‘dragonry’ is?
2.    What exciting event happens in the first verse?
3.    Which words help the reader to sense the dragon’s excitement?
4.    Which line describes the dragons moving in a ‘show off’ type of way?
5.    How do the dragons feel in the second verse and why?
6.    Which words describe how the dragons feel in the second verse?

7.    Can you write down all the examples of alliteration in the poem?
8. What repetition has been used in the poem?
9. What does ‘calamity’ mean? 
10.Compare this poem to a poem with similar features? (Post your answer to this question.)