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An Eyeball in My Garden; SPOOKY

Listen to the above poem. How does the poet set the mood of the poem - use examples from the poem. What visual and auditory effects does the poet use? Create your own poem using visual and auditory effects and post it.

Luke's School Day Afternoon

Luke's School Day Afternoon
I walk into the bus,
It’s late again ,
After 3 stops I get off.
But it Would be amazing,
If I could fly.
I wouldn’t need to take the late bus,
I’d just fly there.
But instead I’m stuck sitting,
Then walking,

Kyle's School Day Afternoon

            Kyle’s School Day Afternoon
I jump on the bus and go to the rear,
I sit on a seat and the bus driver goes in gear.
I talk to my friends and I come to my stop,
I jump off with one great big hop.

I run to the schoolyard to see all my friends,
and I follow the path to the path end
I run to my friends and give them a "hello,"
and they smile back happily with a "yo."

I ask my friend if he wants to hang,
and he started talking but the school bell rang.
He talked to me after the bell,
and he said that he could in a big yell.

I went to his house and we played for hours,
we played Minecraft and made many gardens.
We created a town and we lived in it long,
until I had to go home so I said "so long."

Ingrid Schwecht: School Day Afternoon

The yellow school bus,
Rumbling and rolling along,
Screeches to a wild stop,
In front of our eager faces.
The clunking of our feet as we board the bus,
Is heard from all around us.
The doors close as we all smile,
Away from school we go fo a while!
What shall I do as I arrive home?
Shall I throw my dog a bone,
I am going to walk the streets,
with my friend and my dog so very petite.
I will roam this concrete jungle,
and constantly wonder
What I will do when I am 29 years old
Maybe I will one day absorb the breathtaking images of this world,
And keep them to share them with my kids,
Who will think of what they will do when they are big.
Maybe I will climb Mount Everest,
or soar above the Gobi Desert.
But right now I am just a child,
With an imagination which is rather wild,
I will read books of glory,
And keep on reading these wonderful stories.
I will eat a hearty meal,
and watch a movie
Right now I am just a kid,
with a pile of homework which is rather big.
But right now I am here, 
Right now on my bed I lie,
And wish one day I could touch the sky.

Bianca de Pagter: School Day Afternoon

I pack up my large school bag,
when I hear the bell ring,
I run as fast as my feet can take me,
and outside the building I see my younger sister,
who was waiting for me to get out.
We race each other down the small path beside the school,
we push each other to try and get the front seat of the car.
I got it as usual,
I tell about my day at school,
the math test, our new art activity, and the new student in my class,
I can see my home in the distance,
as we approach the drive way I grab my bag.
I jump out of the car and walk into my house,
I can see my neighbour from my bedroom window,
of course, he never notices me.
I hear my mother say "Get ready for dance!"
I grab my bag and get dressed in a pair of pink tights and a black leotard,
I put my wavy, brown hair into a tight bun.
I go downstairs, have dinner, then I’m off to dance class!
It was a long day at school, out in the cold,
leaning over my desk,
I think of my couch,
and how I will just plop my bag and coat down,
and leap right in to bed.
I will make a snack and watch television,
maybe my favourite show is on.
I think of what my friends will do,
when they get home as well,
maybe they will do the same,
I think of the hockey game last night,
and how my team won and...
SCREECH! "Everybody off the bus!"

Michael Bianchi- School Day Afternoon

Michael Bianchi: School Day Afternoon
I arrive at the front of the school,
Our bus is late as always,
When we see the bus pull up to us we all exclaim "finally,"
The teachers say "Don’t run or push,"
and we make our way onto the bus,
I take my seat and put my bag beside me,
As I begin to feel tired I remember the first day of school,
The first day of school what a dreadful day the day I fell asleep on the bus,
I doesn’t seem bad but I didn’t awake and missed my stop completely,
I keep myself awake and look out the window,
Before I know we leave st. Johns and we’re on our way to my stop,
I see City Hall and then my old home,
And then the bus is on Cumberland,
It pulls into the driveway and I grab all my things,
I get off the bus and start to walk,
I usually take the shortest way,
I reach my house and unlock the door,
Now I’m back from a long day of work,
I decide to go take a rest.

Michael Harris: School Day Afternoon

MICHAEL HARRIS: School Day Afternoon

I run to jump on the bus,
the bus starts up and we’re in a rush,
the bus comes to a stop,
as soon as I can I jump off with a hop,
I scurry home like a mouse,
I’m in a hurry to get to my house,
I chat with my neighbours and say goodbye,
I continue to sprint as I pass by,
all of the people on which I rely,
I’m out of breath as I get in my house,
I run and I jump and lie on the couch,
I play on the Xbox and im winning,
I played for too long and my head is spinning,
I now feel better so I go out to play,
and that’s the end of my afterschool day.

Taylor Wilson School Day Afternoon

Taylor Wilson School Day Afternoon 
I get on bus 545,
Its 3:15, yah that’s the time,
Its the second stop my time to leave,
It’s a small walk home I get there with ease,
I arrive at my house a minute later,
To my needs I must cater,
I sit down and play with my dog,
Outside the streets filled with fog,
I then watch T.V for half an hour,
I have a drink it tastes rather sour,
I go outside and play for a while,
I come inside and see cold tiles,
Its time for homework, which is not fun, I know I really shouldn’t run, It’s time for dinner, an unlikely dish, Sadly something I don’t like fish,

Sunday, 29 April 2012

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Your Name: School Day Afternoon

Marcus Millsap: School Day Afternoon

Dave Etter

I climb the steps of the yellow school bus,
move to a seat in back, and we're off,
bouncing along the bumpy blacktop.
What am I going to do when I get home?
I'm going to make myself a sugar sandwich
and go outdoors and look at the birds
and the gigantic blue silo
they put up across the road at Motts'.
This weekend we're going to the farm show.
I like roosters and pigs, but farming's no fun.
When I get old enough to do something big,
I'd like to grow orange trees in a greenhouse.
Or maybe I'll drive a school bus
and yell at the kids when I feel mad:
"Shut up back there, you hear me?"
At last, my house, and I grab my science book
and hurry down the steps into the sun.
There's Mr. Mott, staring at his tractor.
He's wearing his DeKalb cap
with the crazy winged ear of corn on it.
He wouldn't wave over here to me
if I was handing out hundred dollar bills.
I'll put brown sugar on my bread this time,
then go lie around by the water pump,
where the grass is very green and soft,
soft as the body of a red-winged blackbird.
Imagine, a blue silo to stare at,
and Mother not coming home till dark!

How does this School Day Afternoon differ from yours? Follow the pattern of this poem and write your own version. Post a picture along with your poem.

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