Sunday, 13 April 2014


  Watch the above video clip.  Read the text of the poem below the video.  Replace the first four lines with your own.  Post.


  1. OK. So this is a bit odd and basically nonsense. I created odd words and will define them in a second post....

    ‘Twas gillirb, and then the sly dsevor
    Did cry and hirle by the garf;
    For the prihns were dancing,
    And the reisder ricked scaster.

    As you can tell I used the same format.

  2. *Warning: The post below contains a lot of nonsense.*

    "Beware the Mafurgan, my roke!
    The tail that snaps, the paws that squish!
    Beware the Roarfunkle, and poke
    The frumious bummberish!"

    I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this.


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  4. ‘Twas congtay, and the blubly rezno
    Did frizzle and gizzle in the raf;
    An orago were ivin in the louk,
    And the robet drun hade.

    Don't ask. Just don't.

  5. Beware the smot, my friend
    the dark that hides the numkid,
    Beware the pukpuk cat, and chase
    The miraculous blobberfish.

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