Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lindsay: A school Day Afternoon

I climb the stairs to get on the bus,
I take my seat one back from the front,
I hope we’ll get home without a fuss,
I think of homework and home,
And playing with my bird,
In her little cage dome,
I think of these things and want to do some,
I’m so flustered
As I dread of the long ride to come,
The bus starts with a roar,
I yawn and think,
This ride is going to be such a bore,
But then as usual the bus is so lively,
People talking so much,
And then comes on Riley,
We drive and we drive and then all of a sudden,
We are at my stop,
I run over to my mom’s car and she yells “HURRY DINNER’S IN THE OVEN!”
by Lindsay

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