Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?

Watch the above video. What poetic devices song the song use?


  1. In this video there is a really deep meaning. The title is "Where is the Love." In one part of the video, some kids are watching a video game of a person in war with a flame-thrower. There are so many games like that; Call of Duty Black Ops, Boxhead, even on most game websites there is catergories like action and adventure, but on most, there is Shoot 'em up. Lots of kids are growing up learning and seeing things like that. One of the lines is, "Chemical gases filling the lungs of little ones," and, "infecting the young minds faster than bacteria,"it means that some children are growing up in a very unsafe and violent enviroment. "People killing, people dyin', children hurt and hear them cryin'. Can you practice what you teach? Can you turn the other cheek? Father, Father, Father, help us, we need guidance from above, some people got me, got me questioning, Where is the Love?"

  2. So many people are growing up in tough communities without any guidance. Their parents have done some bad things or have addiction problems, and the child isn't having a great life. Most of the time children like that are depressed, and have no friends. That shouldn't happen. Not a lot of people realize there are people in their very own community living like that. There are so many people living unhappy lives, and really, where is the love?

    Some of the poetic devices used in this song were rhyming and repetition. Also, because it was a video, they also used pictures to get the point of the song across.

  3. I think that this song is very deep and that it is right about everything that is saying about the world. This song is saying that " if you only have love for your own race, then you only leave space to discriminate". This statement is very true because there is still alot of racism after Abe Lincon put a law that black people were to be accepted. I see this in the fact that there are still black communities. This shouldn't have to happen because black people should be able to live among white people without having to worry that they will be killed.

    they also say that there are "chemical gasses filling the lungs of little ones" this means that the media and the world are making the kids act in a way that they shouldn't. There are alot of harmful media in the world that do this.