Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Casey At The Bat

What techniques does the poet use? Provide examples from the poem.


  1. I hear alot of rhyme in this musical recitation examples of it are: Egad! When he goes to BAT hold on to your HAT,
    Casey has NERVE and he knows every CURVE,
    they saw his muscles STRAIN and they knew that casey would not let that ball go by AGAIN

    I hear a lot of poetic qualities in this poem

  2. There is lots of rhyming in this poem. Some words that rymed were strain and again, nerve and curve, bat and hat, hip and lip, and and fat. I really liked this poem and I thought it was funny.

  3. There are lots of poetic qualitues in. This poem uses a lot of rhyme. Some of the words that rhyme are bat-hat, hip-lip, starin-again,nerve-curve, day-play, that-bat, blake-cake. This poem was funny, and i enjoyed it a lot!