Sunday, 26 June 2011

Getting Dressed for School
by Kenn Nesbitt

I must have been too sleepy
getting dressed for school today.
I tried to tuck my shirt in,
but I couldn’t make it stay.

I also couldn’t tie my shoes.
I fumbled with the laces.
I snagged my scarf, and now some yarn
is dangling from my braces.

My socks are different colors,
and my pants are inside out.
My sweater from the hamper left me
smelling like a trout.

I thought I put a hat on
to control my crazy hair.
The hat turned out to be a pair
of purple underwear.

I spilled my breakfast on my clothes
and headed into school.
My friends, of course, were all impressed.
I’d never looked so cool.

Add another stanza before the last stanza, that would fit this poem.


  1. Yay Olivia found where you were all hiding.
    What was wrong with de old jabbawocky. Just because it took me five minutes to find my olf poems means you can change. I is sad. ):

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  3. I ran down the stairs so that I could get ready,
    but the floor seemed quite a bit unsteady.
    I caught my foot in a broken stair,
    and it took me 10 minutes to get out, but I didn't really care.

  4. :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{) :{)
    I think the day is ruined,
    for on my way from home,
    I fell off my bike and scraped my knee,
    Ouch! there's not a bandaid I own.

  5. I came Home from the best day ever,
    But my day just got better,
    Grandma came with ice cream,
    And I got flavor Blueberry Extream.

  6. I walked out the door,
    then got on to the bus,
    what a bore,
    I thought the day the worst,
    but then we did math first.

  7. I was walking around the classroom
    When I noticed something blue
    I went to go and touch it
    Now it's stuck on my hands 'cause it turned out to be glue

  8. But soon they acted as foe,
    I scanned myself from head to toe
    And wondered why they treated me so low,
    I never knew what they Had i stow.

  9. What gestures or movement can you make to enhance the performance of the poem(mention 4 movements)