Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Poetic Devices in Songs

Use the above video to help with your music assignment. Which poetic device do you think is most important in a song and why?


  1. I think all of the devices are important to songs but to me I think rhyme is a big one because people today love songs that rhyme because when a song rhymes it usually sounds better and flows more where as some songs that don't rhyme and don't quite flow as much as some that do rhyme like the newer songs which are huge hits now. So for me, if I was writing a song I would want my song to rhyme.

  2. I think that most of the ones showed are important to songwriting. But there are two that I think are the best. First there is rhyme, I think it is very important to some songs that I know. I also think that repetition is very important to alot of the newer songs that songwriters a writing.

  3. I think that it really dpends on the theme of the song and what it's about. I think imagery is a big one because it makes you think and you can visually picture the song in your mind.