Sunday, 29 April 2012

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    The sun was shining all day
    It seemed like they perfect day to play

    My dog started barking
    as the lake was darkening

    I thought in my head
    "Darn! It's time to go to bed."
    As I started to yawn,

    I thought 'Can't wait 'till dawn'
    I would wake up in the morning
    and my day would surely not be boring!


  2. The title is actually MY PERFECT SUMMER DAY



    The beast was a terrifying creature,
    it had spikes at the end of it's tail,
    and at midnight it would wail,
    "Save me of this curse,
    and take the spikes out of my tail
    so I will no longer have to wail.
    BY Lindsay

  4. Haiku - winter

    White snowflakes falling,
    fall like crystals from heaven,
    lightening our world.

  5. My Horrible Day...

    It started raining in the morning,
    I knew that this day would be boring.

    My bird woke me up at five,
    Like it wanted to have a chive.

    I put the bird in my closet so I can sleep,
    But my alarm clock started to bleep.

    I got dressed and ate,
    My edible sugar coated plate.

    I was hyper till the big test,
    But I knew this would not be the best.

    I got a big zero,
    And it wasn`t my hero.

    The rest of the day didn`t go so well,
    But I was on cloud nine when they rung the bell.


  6. The Weekend of Awesome

    My weekend begins with a bang,
    and I go to my friends house to hang.
    I get to his house and I play a game,
    but that game was really lame.

    We play a different game that isn't too lame,
    and we get our names in the game's hall of fame.
    My friend and I get so very bright,
    and this game we played, we played at night.

    My friend and I hear the doorbell ring,
    we rush to the door and we saw a ring.
    My Mom steps into the door,
    but I don't want go cause that would make me bored.

    My Mom tells me that I have to go,
    so I get my shoes and put on my coat.
    I leave my friends with a "thanks" and "goodbye,"
    then I get in my car and go for a ride.

    by Kyle

  7. The dog that should be Marley
    By Olivia

    I have a dog named Charlie,
    although I wanted to name him Marley.
    He's fuzzy and sweet, furry and white.
    He really gives my friends a fright!
    He licks my toes, my face, and nose. I love my sweet dog Charlie!
    He likes to chew sticks, run around, and play. He goes to the dog park every other day.
    He likes to watch TV, not alone but with me!
    I play on my iPod, he sits right there. I want to bring my dog everywhere!
    My sister always hogs him, she wants another dog, too! But I'm just happy with my little Charlie. Although I wanted to name him Marley.

  8. The Amazing Dog
    Taylor Wilson

    I have a dog named Buster,
    His eyes full of shine and luster,
    We saved hime from the cage years ago,
    To make him happy you must throw,
    One of the many toys that are kept down low,
    You scratch his stomach to make him moo,
    A sound he makes to make you and him happy too,
    You know he has a smooth smooth coat,
    Though he never gloats,
    Hes the dog that couldn't get any better.
    Though when it rains he couldn't get any wetter,

  9. there was once a young marine,
    who really did like sardines,
    he did not fight
    to put out the lights,
    he fought to return to his beans

    Sam Limerick

  10. The Knight who Wore Pants

    There once was a knight who wore shorts.
    He only wore them when he was eating or in court.
    No matter what you said
    he wore his shorts to bed
    now that's a knight I'd support.
    by Luke

  11. Tadpoles
    Tadpoles growing legs
    Soon they will be leaping out
    Jumping up for stars